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Taisho Restaurant (BC)

Taisho Restaurant
Metropolis, E 15 – 4700 Kingsway
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5H 4M1
604.435.1211 / fax 604.435.0717

Rated: ****1/2

Rated: **** 1/2

(Review by Leaf McGowan, 11/17/01):
“A highly recommended Sushi / Japanese restaurant – Taisho will cover your needs and entertain your soul. The spot was pretty crowded but waiters/waitresses were very attentive and helped up set up our large group table of 16. The restaurant has the traditional Japanese rooms where you take off your shoes, a sushi belt where you can grab plate after plate of sushi, a room for karaoke and dancing, and all styles of sitting. I got the Chef’s combo – which was excellent – good tempura, good sushi, good sashimi (my favorite unagi), chicken and noodles, etc. Overall it was an excellent experience. ”

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