Travel Tales and Reviews website ... A project of Techno Tink Media

Welcome to the Travel Tales & Reviews of the Techno Wanderer.

This is the newest version of Techno Tink Travel, formerly Technogypsie Travels and Leafworks Travel. It is an extension of Techno Tink Media and the Techno Tink network.

Our blog covers travel tales, reviews, photo galleries, and adventurers by the crew at Techno Tink—various places visited by founder Thomas Baurley, Leaf McGowan, Oisin Rhymour, and family.

If you’d like your attraction, restaurant, or business visited and reviewed, let us know at

The travel and review pages were created in 1990 and underwent various evolutions and remakes, company change-overs, and mutations. The collective effort will be archived here.

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