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Ringing Rocks, Montana

We’ve seen this intriguing hiking spot on our travels across Montana on numerous occasions. We finally trekked up to see the national Monument. Ringing Rocks Montana is a unique geological formation located on the Bureau of Land Management lands in Northeast Montana. It is approximately 18 miles east and Butte and north of I-90.

The rocks have a unique trait that when tapped with a hammer they produce chimes and musical tones. Local mythology believesthe ringing is a combination of the rock’s composition with the way the joining pattern developed as the rocks eroded and therefore if one is removed, it won’t ring. This unique geological formation is located approximately 18 miles east of Butte and north of I-90. The rocks in this unique geologic area chime when tapped lightly with a hammer. It is believed that the ringing is a combination of the composition of the rock and the way the joining patterns have developed as the rocks have eroded away, if a boulder is removed from the pile, it doesn’t ring.

It is believed that the Native Americans of the region had used these geological formations for music and signalling. Rocks have been used by various aboriginal peoples across the world – rock gongs that could be struck and produce a melodious resonant sound.

This is a collecfgion of Boulder Batholith boulders that create different pitches and sounds emanating from thousands of rocks in the formation.

It is located at LATITUDE/LONGITUDE: -112.23893, 45.94327, by taking the Pipestone exit off I-90 (Exit 241) following a grvel road 3/4 mile east and north on a gravel road, parallel at first to the interstate, crossing the railroad tracks, and north into the foothills for 3.5 miles.

Contact Information: Bureau of Land Management, 106 North Parkmont, Butte, MT 59701. 406-533-7600 or

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