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App Issues –
Often signals to the App will cut off in certain areas as GrubHub has very defined regional boundaries for their drivers unlike the other delivery companies who let their drivers drive in any city offering the services within the state. This is a downfall to the GrubHub system and network as drivers often miss delivery offers or can be counted as “absent” when in these areas counting against their ratings. On several occasions, this driver had to call Customer Care for assistance with tablets in the stores not working, having run an update and employees couldn’t log back in, etc. having to use the driver’s phone to call for help with support. This area definitely needs improvement.

Wrong Addresses –
On many occasions, a customer has entered a wrong address for their delivery. Sometimes its because they ordered with their app and the app chose the closest location to their house, and thereby making the house off a digit or two, sometimes by blocks, or if the customer is in transit, can be an address they were passing at the time of the order. Sometimes they move and forget to list a change of address, or in an instance I experienced, the customer last ordered at a friend’s house and forgot to update her home address. Customers ordering from home and last time they ordered was at work is another common issue. Many times, these change of addresses can be a long distance apart, and the driver doesn’t get compensated for this error, costing them additional gas expenses, wear n tear, and a financial wound in the delivery process. When a driver calls customer care, sometimes they can solve it, especially if the customer answers, and they always try to convince the driver to drive the extra mileage to finish the order. Sometimes they claim that GrubHub will adjust their pay for the error (but in many instances they don’t – haven’t had that adjustment actually happen before). Standard protocol is to dispose of the food if it can’t be delivered and the driver moves on to the next order. Theoretically then the customer and GrubHub works out the order loss together, which to my understanding is usually credit for a new order. Example: Oisin drove to the address, approached a screen door with two chairs backed up against it from the inside and upon ringing the door bell two large doberman dogs leaped, barked, and tried to bust through the screen. The homeowner came to quiet them down and as Oisin was unzipping the food bag to give him his order he said “I didn’t order anything”. The address matched but something was amiss. So he called tech support, since the customer wasn’t answering her phone, and they finally got through 15 minutes later. (Of course Oisin is missing money-making delivery opportunities waiting for this to be straightened out) They got through and gave a new address – the company claimed they would pay for the extra 4 mile drive (they didn’t) but upon arrival to the final destination, the customer was thankful and tipped an extra $5 cash to the tip which was appreciated.

When a driver starts with GrubHub, they are given “Delivery in Progress” signs, a pizza bag, and a thermal bag, as well as two shirts with the GrubHub emblem and a ball cap. They treat their contractors well as they can with gear and support. They are the only company that goes out of the way to do this. After several months I asked for more gear and it was sent free of charge, more shirts, decals for the car, more signs, a catering bag, and a really nice thermal bag. It was wonderful.

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