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Middle of Nowhere, Idaho

Middle of Nowhere Gas Station
Malta, Idaho

It was a dark and dreary night … i was on one bar for gas and no open gas station within range of not going empty. I saw on Google maps there was a gas station called “Middle of Nowhere” which is exactly where i was in Idaho. I pulled up, not a single customer, and lo’ and behold the store was dark, run-down, and empty – closed. But … the pumps were running. Expecting a fortune, I looked up and the cost for Unleaded was “an arm”. The cost for diesel was “a leg”. There were llamas and alpacas in a pen to my right, munching on grass and glaring at me curiously. I put 6 gallons into the tank for a whopping $27.21. I quickly got into my car and left. Apparently, according to the yelp review, the store is cute when opening with caged baby toys and accompanying signs of rattlers as well as other oddities. The llamas are part of the store’s petting zoo.

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