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Hamburger Mary’s (Vancouver, BC)

Hamburger Mary’s Diner
1202 Davie Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 1N3

Rated: **** 1/2

(Review by Leaf McGowan, 11/5/01 ):
“An excellent restaurant with organic meat entries. Right in the heart of Davie street village (gay district of Vancouver), this hamburger joint has a warm and welcoming staff and excellent service. A fabulous burger joint with fresh food, and excellent selections. I had the Organic beef California burger – came laden with lettuce, tomatoe, mayo, ketchup, avacado, onions, pickles, and a good serving of fries. The coca cola came in an old fashion shake steel cup which kept it ohhhh so cold. Top place. Will visit many times more. The burger, fries, and coke all for $11.75 CAN. ”

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