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Roughly $3.25-3.75 per delivery, distance sometimes increases it, but over all too much wear and tear of your car. Most UberEats customers don’t tip because Uber doesn’t encourage it and says its not necessary. Long wait times at some restaurants, such as McDonalds, for food to be delivered (not ready when arrive) and Uber driver does not get paid to wait. UberEats gives option to driver to cancel the delivery if its taking too long, but the cancellation rate counts against them. They also do not let passengers in car including children.

I also recently did a double delivery – where i picked up two orders at a restaurant and delivered them to two different customers on the same run, they paid substantially less per run, around $2.25 even though the distances were just as bad as typical one run deliveries (I suppose in their minds calculate less travel not having to run to the restaurant twice but predating and taking advantage pocketing the difference themselves).

Equipment and Gear:
Upon starting with UberEats, unlike the other companies, I received no gear or support. They had videos online to instruct you with your job. No thermal bags were given.

This job is predatory on struggling workers who need a quick buck as regular jobs don’t pay enough to survive and just want to make ends meet. The truth is, in the long run it won’t make ends meet. In fact, the wear/tear on your vehicle will throw you behind in the long run. The daily payouts feature is great (although costs 50 cents per time you request it) and gives you instant cash to make that bill or get some gas in your car, it is slave wages. However I’ve found most of the time they run promotions which add approximate $1-3 per order, making up for some of the lacking tips that occur in this job. Door Dash and Grub Hub are definitely higher paying.

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