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Grand Lake, Colorado

Did you know that Grand Lake is the deepest natural lake in Colorado? In fact, this summer when I was sitting at our favorite fishing spot, a gentleman nearby told me a fascinating story. Is it a fisherman’s legend or a proven fact? I’ve yet to find out, but either way it makes for a fun conversation!

This older fisherman claimed there’s a different sort of creature down in the deepest waters of the lake. A creature one would not normally associate with a mountain lake. What could it be?

Supposedly, fishermen have brought up Kokanee salmon, found deep when ice fishing, with a surprising creature in their stomachs. Inside the Kokanee salmon, people found small shrimp that could only have come from the ocean.

He went on to say that only a deep underwater passage could have brought such a species to our dear lake.

So, is there a deep underwater passage into Grand Lake that could possibly lead to the ocean? Some claim there is. Others are doubtful. I don’t know either way for certain, but I have to say it’s fun to speculate about!

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