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Starbucks Coffee (Mahon Point, Cork, Ireland)

Starbucks (Mahon Point, Cork, Ireland)
First Floor, Kiosk 7, Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Cork, Ireland

It always amazed me how Cork Ireland was always lacking a Starbucks. Cork has had its history with up and downs of Starbucks success, and finally at least this year (2015) a really nice Starbucks is readily accessible off the N40 and in close proximity to Cork City. This roomy Starbucks has a warm and bustling atmosphere with friendly servers. I put them to my Chai Creme Frappacino International test and they were successful … they knew how to make it. (Most international locations have difficulties with this drink – many of their employees don’t even know its a menu offering that is so popular in the States) There was very roomy space for the wee one to play and not get into much trouble while we were catching up with an old friend. The chai and pastries were delicious. Good times. Accessibility is not bad as there is a car park below with an elevator up. However, if there is rain or bad weather like we experienced during our visit, you’ll have a brief run through the rain to get from the elevator to the Starbucks. Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Visited 1/1/2015

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