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Beebe Springs, Washington

Beebe Springs

An area along the Columbia River that was known for Indigenous settlement, fishing, and traditions. It is now a habitat for fish, birds, and wildlife. Formerly an orchard after a settlement, it is now notable wetlands, shrub-steppe habitats, and a protected area. It was first a village area by the Chelan peoples of the Columbia River over 8,000 years ago. Euro-American settlers to the area pushed out the indigenous and it eventually became an Orchard.

Living a seasonal life

  • “Beebe Springs Natural Area: Through the efforts of many organizations and people, this former orchard is being restored to provide habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife adjacent to the Columbia River. Over time, the wetlands, stream, and shrub-steppe habitats will become home to many species.” ~ park sign at Beebe Springs, Washington.
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