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Uragh Stone Circle and Famine Cottage
The Uragh Stone Circle, Ring of Kerry, Kerry County, Ireland. Tuesday, 19 December 2023. Adventures in County Kerry, Ireland. Photos by Thomas Baurley, Techno Tink Media.

Uragh Stone Circle and Famine Cottage

GPS: 51.81157, -9.69532
Coordinates: 51°48′42.23″N 9°41′37.74″W
Map Ref: V8311763439
Discovery Map Number: D84
Latitude: 51.811550N Longitude: 9.695514W
near Gleninchaquin Park, Beara Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland

While driving the Ring of Kerry and the Ring of Beara, I spied on the maps a stone circle known as Uragh, so I decided to give it a gander. After a twisty country lane drive into the hills and farmlands, following signs to the off-the-map destination, I came to the gate—opened it up—and drove on in. Crossing a raging river with scenic overlooks of lakes and an astounding waterfall in the distance, the site was nothing more than enchanting.

The stone circle is atop a plateau above the valley overlooking Loch Inchiquinn, the other side lough Cloonee Upper and is surrounded by a ring of mountains. The 8′ diameter circle consists of approximately five low small megalith locally sourced sandstone stones (1.2-1.8 meters high) with a significant 3 meter high (approx. 10′) monolithic outlier standing stone. Two of the stones are portal stones (one leaning outwards). The standing stone aligns the circle on a NE-SW axis. Center of the circle has been dug out potentially by looters, when it was looted is unknown. A low earthen bank surrounds the circle. The Irish Office of Public Works manages the site, which is open year-round, free of charge.

The circle dates to the Bronze Age. It is estimated to have been built between 3300-900 B.C.E. It is connected to a larger typology of stone circles commonly found in Brittany, Britain, and Ireland. These are often constructed of standing stones arranged in a circle. Many believe this was used for burials, religious or ceremonial purposes, and/or community gatherings. In Irish regional stone circles, this particular circle is representative of D-shaped stone circles found in this region, with the axial stone forming the line of the “D”. This particular circle is aligned with the Winter Solstice sunset.

Down the road and up a slippery slope is a famine cottage built into the hillside.


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