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The Roswell Alien Crash Site

It was 1947, on July 4th, when William Woody saw a brilliant object plunge to the ground from the sky. They tried to explore where they thought it came down and were sent away by a military barricade. a New Mexico rancher named WW “Mack” Brazel was out for a ride with his friends checking on their herd after a terrible storm the night before – and they discovered on the ground, unusual pieces of metallic debris and several hundred feet long shallow trench emblazoned into the ground. 

They brought home some of the metal in order to try to figure out what it was, and his neighbors, the Proctors, told him he might be in possession of wreckage from a government project or a UFO. He reported the wreckage to the local sheriff, Wilcox, who reported it to Major Marcel of the 509 bomb group. The military explored the crash area and closed the area to public access until all wreckage was removed. He was amazed by the weird nature of the metal and took some home to show his family. A press release was put out shortly after stating that it was the wreckage of a crashed disk by Roswell Air Force Base’s Public Information Officer. It was published in the Roswell Daily Record. Hours later, the press release was retracted, and a new one was released, stating it was a weather balloon that they mistakenly identified as a flying saucer.

The military tried hard to convince the local news that it was nothing other than a weather balloon and a big mistake by their department to say otherwise. During all of this, the local mortician, Glenn Dennis, received calls from the morgue on the air force base, stating they needed some small hermetically sealed coffins and needing information about how to preserve bodies that have been exposed to the elements for a few days without contaminating the tissue. He drove out to the base hospital and saw scattered pieces of weird metal with strange markings sticking out of one of the ambulances in the parking lot. Upon entering the hospital was threatened by military police and told to leave. The nurse that he knew there told him the next day about the bodies and drew him pictures of them on a prescription pad – the next day she was transferred to England and was never heard from again.

Future research on the incident had determined that the military was watching a strange object for 4 days in Southern New Mexico and on July 4th, discovered the object to have crashed down somewhere 30-40 miles northwest of Roswell. Since then, many movies, many books, and documentaries were created to publicize the incident even though the Military has removed all documentation and covered up most of the information that would validate their involvement. You can read more about the incident here.

In 1991, Glenn Dennis the mortician above, Walter Haut a military public information officer and original writer of the first news release, teamed up with Max Littell to form the Roswell UFO Museum and the IUFOMRC. Within the first 4 years of the opening of the museum, Roswell has increased tourism 5x their small city population with UFO visitors due to Roswell’s Alien Craze. Oddly the crash site is just a couple of miles down the highway from the Roswell Missle Silos.

After three visits, its appearance of another cover-up as they took down the sign, the anti-alien league painted the poles black, and by 2018 there is no evidence.

Photos from our 2006 Visit:

Photos from our 2012 re-visit:

Photos from 2018:

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