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Starbucks – SeaTac – D Wing

SeaTac International Airport – D Wing, Seattle, Washington

A nice little booth servicing the new D Gates Wing for D21-D26 Gates. After a bad experience waiting in line for Anthony’s Fish Restaurant, I decided to give my money to Starbucks instead of at my gate. I got in line, the cashier fumbled adding money to my Starbucks card, but friendly and sweet apologized. I grabbed my sandwiches for the flight (which were over-priced compared to the usual Starbucks) and awaited my Chai Creme Frappucino. Another newbie Barista didn’t know how to make them and stumbled to get it right. She was friendly and nice as well, apologized, and had great customer service. That makes it alright, you know. Got my order and everything perfectly. Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

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