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Starbucks (Malahide, Ireland)

Starbucks – Malahide, Ireland
* Unit 2, The Green Strand Street * 60 Marina Village * Malahide * Dublin, Ireland * * 35318283310 *

We were grateful that there was a Starbucks open nearby in Malahide on New Year’s Day, as most of Ireland is shut down on this day. The staff was friendly and courteous, though not really aware of much of the company they work for. We ordered our infamous “Chai Creme Frappuccino” we are so addicted to, only to get the once-in-a-blue-moon newbie employee response “Oh, we don’t make those”. “Of course you do” is always my reply with a quick tutorial on the simplicity and telling them it’s in their book. It’s on their Frappuccino website and even the Starbucks-Ireland website ( The barista said “We don’t have a book” and “I don’t think that would work” to my tutorial response. But the co-worker went ahead and tried, and voila’ – he had it right on, and strong as we like them. Then out came the Gold Card, which apparently are only offered to Starbucks clientele in the States … but the rewards on them should work universally (which has worked in other Dublin locations) as I had at least 2 free purchases on the card in waiting. “Oh, we can’t check those” with an “I’ll verify with the manager” follow-up saying “no can do”. So we had to use Euros. The one employee said “We are not part of the Starbucks network here in Ireland” which I found a surprising thing to say – “Of course you are” was my reply. I’ve had no problems anywhere else in Ireland with such things and to be a franchise even, you have to be part of the network I’m sure. Overall a good experience minus the novice attentiveness. Kudos to the other employee who was willing to try making the Chai Creme Frappucino. Rating: 3 stars out of 5 ~ visited 1/1/2014

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