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Starbucks (Dawson street, Dublin, Ireland)

Starbucks (Dawson street Dublin)
51 Dawson St, Dublin, Ireland * +353 1 675 9850

My all-time favorite Dublin Starbucks location for chai and Wi-Fi fixes. Nestled just off Dawson, strategically planted near Trinity College and the City Centre, this spacious Starbucks has just what the weary traveler needs – great couches and lounging area in the front, coffee stand and register in the center, with backroom and corridor with tables stretching the length of the business. Outside is several tables and chairs for people watching and waiting for the bus during good-weather blessings. The staff is friendly and great at remembering who you are and what you like, internet signal fabulous, and during the middle hours of the weekdays not too crowded so you’ll often find seating. Evenings and weekends it gets a bit crowded and tough to get seating. They also have the making of the Chai Creme Frappacino down pretty good for a foreign Starbucks. Rating: 5 stars out of 5. Visited 1/2/14.

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