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Northwest Necklace

After a day of exploring Birch Bay, we drove north to explore Blaine and see what it’s beaches are like. We discovered Semiahmoo Resort, the Spit, and the lovely Northwest Necklace. This unique loop of sandy beach geologically forming a necklace is called “The Northwest Necklace”. It encircles Drayton Harbor and located in Blaine, Washington. The clasp of the necklace is Semiahmoo Spit – and connects two lovely beaches on both sides of the harbor. It extends approximately 8 miles in length or 13 kilometers from Blaine Harbor to Semiahmoo Spit.

Lots to do in the area from sunbathing and swimming, boating to jetskiing, golfing or strolling the wooded trails. Picnicking and beach hanging is very common. Birdwatching, clamming, crabbing, fishing, and exploring the maritime history. Golf course, resort lodging, fresh seafood, and the gardens of Peace Arch Park are amongst the tourist draws.

The necklace has two full-service marinas both of which enter from the Drayton Harbor through a narrow channel that separates them – the private Semiahmoo Marina on the spit and the public Blaine harbor marina on the mainland side. Semiahmoo Marina is part of the Resort, with a marina store, cafe, gift shop, chandlery, art exhibits, and other amenities. It is available for moorage by reservation only.

Blaine Harbor is very clean, modern, and public. It boasts a 5 star EnvironStar rating with 630 slips and over 245 meters of visitor moorage. It hosts a children’s playground, a public boat launch, and public fishing pier.

The necklace can be walked by foot, bike, kayak, or scooter – all of which are available for tour and/or rental. The historic Plover Passenger Ferry runs a scenic ride between Semiahmoo and Blaine Harbo summer months from Friday to Sunday. The Ferry was built n 1944 originally to move cannery workers across the channel from Blaine to the Spit. One can explore marine Park, the waterfront trails, playground and picnic ground at Telescope Beach on the Blaine end. The town of Blaine is also very accessible at this end accessed via the marina with lodging, restaurants, coffee/tea shops, and shopping available. Both parks have picnic tables, restrooms, and other amenities.

On the opposite end at Semiahmoo Spit are biking and walking trails, beautiful beaches, and the Alaska Packing Association (APA) Cannery Museum. The Semiahmoo Resort has a restaurant, marina, pool, tennis court, golf course, and lodging.

Birdwatching is common in the area as it is a stop off for the Pacific Flyway – a popular route for migratory birds, waterfowl, shorebirds, and raptors.

The APA is an informative local museum covering the Spit which once held the world’s largest salmon cannery for over 8 decades. The Lummi Nation has a totem pole carved by Morrie Alexander in 1962 outside the museum depicting the mythological tale of Rave and Salmon Woman.

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