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First Calvary Baptist Church (Youngstown)

First Calvary Baptist Church – Youngstown, Ohio

First Calvary Baptist Church
~ 126 E Wood St, Youngstown, Ohio 44503
Phone: (330) 747-5747 ~

The ominous church building at the corner with red boarded windows, a bell tower in ruins, and do not trespass signs on its doors makes one believe this church has befallen similar tragedies as many of the other churches on the block (one caught on fire from a lightning strike, another one burnt down, one damaged by a tornado, one that has been converted to a brewery, and others abandoned … makes one think that God or some other entity doesn’t want churches on this block).

It may however still be in operation – I cannot tell from its presence on the web as the last activity on its Facebook page was in 2016 (and depicting the red boarded windows). The red windows make it creepy and there has to be a story behind them. If anyone knows, please share here. It appears to have had lots of activity prior to 2016 with bands, plays, events, and services. It apparently has had some roots with the First Calvary Pentecostal Church which is now in bankruptcy and hosting a barren building as well with over a million in debt. (the linked article states the First Calvary Pentecostal Church had its roots as in 1918 when services for the then Mount Calvary Baptist Church were held in the basement of a home on St. Louis Ave.)

The Church is located on Wood Street near the center of Youngstown as a large Romanesque red brick building with numerous arches in its design including lovely arched windows that are now boarded up in red. This building is considered a city landmark and is featured on the self-guided walking tour in GPSmyCity.

According to the History of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley Ohio, Volume 2 – On January 6, 1887, the First Baptist Church building was destroyed by fire following the explosion of natural gas in the building which stood across the street on the northeast corner of the present courthouse lot. The rebuilding was completed in December 1887 though not rededicated until July 1, 1888. Rev Snodgrass remained pastor until February 1889 succeeded by Rev Clement Hall. Rev Henry Parrish was pastor from 1899 until 1904 then Rev. C. H. Pendleton from 1904-1916, followed by Rev. Barry B. Hall who is the present Pastor. Calvary Baptist Church is new in name but in descent the oldest of the Youngstown Baptist Churches. The Walnut Street location was dedicated in 1867 becoming the Walnut Street Baptist Church.

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Located around the corner from the First Presbyterian Church, and Youngstown Masonic Temple.

Rated: Unrated of 5 stars. ~ Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley

First Calvary Baptist Church – Youngstown, Ohio
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