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Auburet Double Pump Irrigation Kit

I got the Auburet Double Pump Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit as a Micro-housplants self watering system while I was away on a month and a half trip. It has a digital programmable water timer, with power adapter or battery operation good for up to 20 plants the Amazon ad read. It was easy to set up and link the hoses, though some of the adapters wouldn’t completely go into the tubing without much force. I found the timer settings completely confusing and while it works, I have no idea how long its running or how often. It did its job. Though, as I flew back home mid-trip to check on things, the bucket of water it was draining from was emptied, so i’m guessing i set it wrong the first time around. The double pump automatic watering device is called a mowealtarge automatic watering system with double inlets and outlets. It can be used in manual mode or automatic. It has two power sources either 4 AA batteries or a plug-in power adapter. There is no fixed faucet limit – the lift of the suction pump is 2.5 meters so you can water your plants anywhere.

In automatic mode, the watering time range can be set from 0-999 seconds and the interval time range is 0-000 hours. The package doesn’t require any tools to set up. You can get them on Amazon. Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 : Leaf McGowan 5/11/21.

Plant watering system on timer: Preparing for Adventure 3: Quest of the American Giants, road trip East. Adventures in Sumas, Washington. Photography on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 by Thomas Baurley, Oisin Rhymour, and/or Leaf McGowan. (c) 2021: Technotink Media All rights reserved. More information: for stories and living myth.
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