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John Day

John Day One of the famous pioneers of Oregon is a man named John Day. He was a trapper who came to Oregon with a large group and fell into…

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Disney California Adventure

Disney's California Adventure The Americanized cartoon-famed Adventure Park by Disney is one of my more recent Theme Park tromping grounds I've had the pleasure to go attend thanks to my…

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Racehorse Falls

Welcome, Washington(near Deming, WA)Lat. 48.87885 N, Long. -122.12518 WGPS N48 52.692 W122 07.439 Racehorse Falls Beautiful falls are created by the quick 140' drop into a gorge by Racehorse creek…

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Nooksack Gold Mine

Nooksack Gold Mine, Everson, Washington: Sir Oisin takes a journey to the fabled Nooksack Gold Mine where still lies a vault, mine car, tunnel, and even a historic cabin where…

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Blodgett, Oregon by Leaf McGowan I really wish I had taken detailed notes on the history of Vegantopia. When I was ready to write this article, I just assumed I…

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Blodgett, Oregon

Article by Leaf McGowan The small village of Blodgett, Oregon is home to roughly 56 inhabitants. We rented a large farm called Vegantopia while living there. The village only has…

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Newport, Oregon

Home of the Yaquina Bay Natural Beauty Area and a popular tourist Oregon beach location, Newport is roughly an area of 11 square miles of habitation, boasting a population of…

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Yaquina Head National Park

Yaquina HeadNewport, Oregon One of my favorite highlights of Newport, this great area of Natural Beauty is preserved by the Bureau of Land Management as part of the National Landscape…

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